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What is it all about?

Monumental is an application under development as a major project submission for The Creative Digital Media Msc at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

The aim of the application is to give greater access to the National Monuments of Ireland and to promote Irish Archaeological Heritage. A timeline is provided to give some social context to the sites by placing them in historical context. You can explore sites through the timeline page and get information on sites originating in a time period, i.e. Neolithic sites around the country.

You may also explore sites on the explore page without going through the timeline, here the user can search for sites by type and by location. A slide out panel contains a map markers and the time periods to which they correspond.

The user may also bookmark sites of interest, from here you may also use the app to get directions to the site, although at the moment this functionality is not in place and may be tested at a later date.

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